The course content is highly interactive. Participants are expected to engage in a range of activities designed to help them to apply what they have learnt and offer them a range of tools and techniques to help them in their job roles.

The programme is intensive and will be delivered at a lively pace to engage the interest of those attending as well as to ensure comprehensive coverage of the themes and topics introduced.

Participants are provided with a resource pack containing copies of slides shown over the two days for future reference. The pack also includes blank templates of models used that can be taken back to the workplace for further development.

Course Structure

This two-day course content is divided into ten sections to provide a sequence of topics that flow through the principles and processes of risk management. These are:
Day 1
  • Segment 1: Setting the scene
  • Segment 2: What is risk management?
  • Segment 3: Context and objectives
  • Segment 4: Risk assessment
Day 2
  • Segment 5: Risk action
  • Segment 6: Monitoring and communication
  • Segment 7: Summary

At the end of Day Two participants complete a short assessment to help them demonstrate their understanding of the topics covered.

  • Segment 8: Integrating ERM into strategy and operations.
  • Segment 9: Roles and responsibilities in ERM
  • Segment 10: Sector specific risk management objectives.
The three training days are planned to run from 9.00am to 4.30pm to include a lunch break of one hour and a short break during both the morning and afternoon sessions.

Five Learning outcomes

At the end of the three days, participants will have

  1. Understanding key risk management terminology and applications in an organisational context
  2. Practical risk management tool kit designed for immediate use in your role
  3. Best practice sharing and networking with like-minded professionals from across the globe
  4. Certificate from Institute of Risk Management, UK
  5. Complementary affiliate membership valid for one year, including member rates on future IRM courses