Fundamentals Of Risk Management

Pinebridge Training and Consulting Limited is proud to be the approved provider of the Fundamentals of Risk Management (FoRM) course for East Africa. FoRM is a world renown course developed and certified by the Institute of Risk Management, UK. FoRM is currently available in: the UK (Glasgow, Bristol, London & Manchester), Republic of Ireland (Dublin), and the UAE (Dubai), GCC, Lebanon, Nigeria, South Africa, South East Asia and now in East Africa. The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) is the leading body for professional risk management. IRM helps build excellence in Enterprise Risk Management(ERM) to improve the way organizations perform. This is achieved by providing globally-recognized qualifications and training, publishing research and guidance and setting professional standards.

Fundamentals of Risk Management (FoRM) course uses the theory and practice of risk management in line with international standards (ISO 31000) and industry best practice.

Managing risk is an inherent part of delivering organisational success today. The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) tailor-made this training to cover the essentials of enterprise risk management in a dynamic and interactive learning environment.